Our belief in rewarding those who make us profitable has led to very high employee satisfaction.  We never hesitate to provide bonuses and raises based on Safety, Education, High Productivity and Attendance.  Another reason a lot of Electricians are choosing to come over to Live Energy LLC is that we are never afraid to allow you to grow to your ultimate potential.  If there is a specific market, sector or schooling you want to go into or are currently in we want to support you to succeed at the highest level.  Let’s get you where you want to be in this trade!  Whatever makes you “tick” and desire to come to work each day should be your passion and not some project that was picked for you.  Our employees have a lot of input into the types of jobs we take on, bid and facilities we maintain.  If you currently have your own accounts and want a great company to call home that will reward you beyond your greatest expectations than look no further!  If you are looking to get into the electrical trade shoot us your resume!  If you want to “work with” a company rather than “work for” a company, we are the right choice!  At Live Energy LLC we work “with each other” not “for each other”.  That philosophy goes from our CEO to our newest hired employee.  Please feel free to contact our Main Office (970) 888-4766 about applying for any open positions or send us your resume at admin@liveenergyinc.com.


Benefits of working at Live Energy LLC

We provide great Health, Dental and Life Insurance Programs for our employees and their families.  These days Health Insurance can cost more than a house payment.  It’s not easy to find but we negotiate every year to find the best plan for the best price for all our full-time employees!


You are eligible after your first day of employment for Paid Company Holidays.  After 1 Year of service we provide paid vacation time.  Over the course of your employment you can be eligible to earn up to 15 paid days of vacation time per year.


Find a course of study while you’re here that pertains to our work and will benefit you!  Get the class pre-approved and in most cases, we reimburse 100% upon your successful completion of the class with a “B” or better.  We have an education fund and like it to be used!  In addition, we hold weekly electrical seminar classes at our shop location in Greeley and Denver based upon what our employees are interested in or are working on at the time.  You bring the topic and the next week we are in full study and discussion to help you be the best you can be at this trade!


We are affiliated with Red Rocks Community College, Rocky Mountain IEC and CITC Training Programs for apprenticeship and continuing training depending upon your location.  Apprentices are reimbursed for their successful completion of each semester of schooling upon receiving a “B” or better grade.




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