Live Energy LLC is committed being leaders in safety.  We take great pride in keeping you and everyone in your surroundings safe all day, every day. Safety and the protection of your people and property are our top priorities.  Our tagline “Turning You on Safely” is taken literally.  When Live Energy LLC is responsible for turning your power on it will be done Safely!

Because the electrical field has a nature of being high risk, it is crucial that we instill a culture of safety within our day-to-day operations. Live Energy LLC adheres to OSHA requirements as well as NFPA 70E and the National Electric Code. As an extension of those guidelines, we’ve developed and implemented a company-wide safety program with one simple goal in mind: keeping you safe day in and day out.

 Safety training for our employees is a nonstop process. This process begins on day one of their employment and continues with regular training classes, weekly jobsite safety talks and on-the-job instruction.

As the electrical industry continues to advance, so does our commitment to simultaneously advancing our safety programs, striving to evaluate job processes, and implementing necessary safety standards on a consistent basis in order to keep you safe at all times.



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